Yamome no Tamago

Rejoice, BL lovers! (lol)
I have submitted the scripts for Yamome no Tamago by Akahoshi Jake. I have only translated the one missing chapter – Chapter 1. The rest have been previously translated by the other amazing translation wizards; I merely ran through checks for them. After all, discrepancies are bound to happen when you translate from the Mandarin raws. Well, it’s certainly good news that it’s not dropped! It’s going to be released in time.’

Title: やもめの卵 (*Yamome no Tamago)
Author: Akahoshi Jake
Genre: Yaoi

*The title could mean “The Widow’s Children.”

Yamome no Tamago has 3 individual stories.
The first one has 2 chapters; the second one has 3 chapters; and the last one is a one-shot.

Chapters 1 and 2 are about Motomi and Kouji.
Motomi draws as a hobby, his interests are in sketching people/human bodies.
He gets thrown out of the house by his ex-boyfriend one day, and Kouji finds him at the park with his sketchbooks. Kouji pities him and offers to put him up in his house, alongside his two sons Kazuki and Fumita.

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 are about Matsumoto-san and his chiropractor. I think that pretty much explains it. Matsumoto heads to this chiropractic clinic for treatment, and his chiropractor ends up falling head over heels for him.

Chapter 6 is about Asai and his senior, who also happens to be his high-school crush.
Asai breaks into a house (to steal something to pay his own rent) he thought was empty, only to realise that it’s his senior’s house.

I hope you’ll love it!



Tori to Megane to Shiina-san

Minami Maki is one of my favourite shoujo mangaka-s, partly because I kinda grew up reading her works when I was in school. Her one-shots are amazingly cute too. Her stories are not as good recently, the characters are becoming repetitive and the chapters keep getting cut. It could also be that I was getting older, lol.

I wished there was more to Komomo Confiserie; and I also wished she developed Kuon Senri’s character more in Seiyuu Ka; or the guys of Aqua. I also remember a time when I really shipped Yahiro and Megumi (of Special A). I actually love her writing style, it’s subtly adorable.

I will summarise/translate Tori to Megane to Shiina-san today. It’s one of her recent works, that I actually like. As I am translating from Mandarin, it would not be as accurate as the original raws. I do not post raws, it’s goes against the copyright. However! You can read the following summary alongside those raws. It’s detailed enough.

If, by any chance, you have a copy of these raws in Japanese, you could drop me an email – and I will edit this post. 🙂

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Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake

My first translation project would be Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake by Miike Romuco. It has been dropped since 2011, based on Baka-Updates. I chanced upon a post requesting a translator for this project and have since contacted The End about it! We are working together to finish the remaining pages of this manga!

If you have not heard of The End, you seriously ought to check them out.
I am ever in awe of their ambitious project to finish dropped mangas!
If you are proficient in Japanese-English, and you have free time (like me), you should definitely help out in scripting these projects.

Title: その唇をひらけ (*Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake)
Author: Miike Romuco
Genre: BL, Yaoi, Slice of Life, Romance

*Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake means to “part open those lips.”

I only submit translated scripts. You still have to wait for the scanalation group to step in before the remaining chapters get released. As of now, all nine chapters are translated!

Chapters 6 and 7 feature Kuyou and Itetsuki, two werecats!
They do not exactly shape-shift into cats, but they have cat ears.
Itetsuki is extremely drawn to Kuyou, but the latter rejects him because he prefers the warm touches of a human being. It gets confusing at times because the artist draws the cats in human form, but they are actually just cats in the eyes of a human being – so when I was reading I thought the human sees Kuyou as a guy with kitty ears (and I think that’s really adorable)..

Chapter 8 talks about Asahi and his lover. It’s mostly about the bickerings of the couple…and how they eventually come to terms.

Chapter 9 is about Kaichi (a high-schooler) and his university boyfriend Acchan, who was his private tutor. Kaichi finds out more about his boyfriend from a university schoolmate – who happens to be Acchan’s best friend.

I work with most genres (not only BL *coughs*, albeit the next project is also BL lol…), so you will be seeing more from today! In fact, if you are an avid reader of shoujo, you might have seen some of my translations in the past without knowing – I have a lot of pseudonyms, haha. It’s nice to be back.


The Kokon Teiin

Welcome to the Kokon Teiin.
Please, take a seat.
I am the owner, Saran.

I have been handling Japanese to English; Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional) to English text translation under different pseudonyms since 2011 (on-and-off). I am like a Google Translate nomad.

I will be publishing all my translated works on this site, specifically the more recent projects that I intend to take up. The scripts are in the hands of the scanlation groups – you won’t find them here. I translate during my free time, and I regard it as part of a hobby. I only summarise unlicensed works that have not been taken up by any scanalation groups (at the time of writing that post), solely because… I am a pacifist.

I’ll also leave it to the professionalism and the expertise of these groups and magical staff members to do the technical work that is of translating, editing, cleaning and typesetting. I am a mere emergency part-timer, haha.

At the end of the day, it’s also my wish that you support the original mangaka and that you buy his/her works – because only by doing so, you can tell the publishers that there is a demand, and the mangaka would be able to produce more works for the fans to read.

If you would like me to help out with an emergency translation for your scanlation project, feel free to discuss with me at this email address.

It’s a pleasure to have you to sit by to read what I write, let’s be friends.