Suijin no Ikenie

I came across Suijin no Ikenie (水神の生贄) last week, while on a business trip. I just happen to be at the bookstore, when my downcast eyes met with the nicely-drawn pastel-colored cover. When I knew that the mangaka was Toma Rei, I was utterly sold.  I like her artwork – her characters are gorgeous.  I am not too fond of some of her stories though. I think I will start collecting Suijin no Ikenie when I head to Japan. As of now, there are six. Seven chapters are currently scanlated in English; Seventeen chapters are in Mandarin. I would love to help in translating them so that more people will come to know of this work, but I believe that are people out there who are already doing it.

Suijin no Ikenie bears similarities with The Bride of the Water God (a Korean manhwa), which is also really lovely to read. What I loved most about Suijin no Ikenie would be the parts of Suijin becoming a better character with Asahi. Writing out a god’s thoughts as he comes to realise what humanity and love brings, that’s the most intriguing part of Suijin no Ikenie. I look forward to the later chapters!


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