Yamome no Tamago

Rejoice, BL lovers! (lol)
I have submitted the scripts for Yamome no Tamago by Akahoshi Jake. I have only translated the one missing chapter – Chapter 1. The rest have been previously translated by the other amazing translation wizards; I merely ran through checks for them. After all, discrepancies are bound to happen when you translate from the Mandarin raws. Well, it’s certainly good news that it’s not dropped! It’s going to be released in time.’

Title: やもめの卵 (*Yamome no Tamago)
Author: Akahoshi Jake
Genre: Yaoi

*The title could mean “The Widow’s Children.”

Yamome no Tamago has 3 individual stories.
The first one has 2 chapters; the second one has 3 chapters; and the last one is a one-shot.

Chapters 1 and 2 are about Motomi and Kouji.
Motomi draws as a hobby, his interests are in sketching people/human bodies.
He gets thrown out of the house by his ex-boyfriend one day, and Kouji finds him at the park with his sketchbooks. Kouji pities him and offers to put him up in his house, alongside his two sons Kazuki and Fumita.

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 are about Matsumoto-san and his chiropractor. I think that pretty much explains it. Matsumoto heads to this chiropractic clinic for treatment, and his chiropractor ends up falling head over heels for him.

Chapter 6 is about Asai and his senior, who also happens to be his high-school crush.
Asai breaks into a house (to steal something to pay his own rent) he thought was empty, only to realise that it’s his senior’s house.

I hope you’ll love it!