Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake

My first translation project would be Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake by Miike Romuco. It has been dropped since 2011, based on Baka-Updates. I chanced upon a post requesting a translator for this project and have since contacted The End about it! We are working together to finish the remaining pages of this manga!

If you have not heard of The End, you seriously ought to check them out.
I am ever in awe of their ambitious project to finish dropped mangas!
If you are proficient in Japanese-English, and you have free time (like me), you should definitely help out in scripting these projects.

Title: その唇をひらけ (*Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake)
Author: Miike Romuco
Genre: BL, Yaoi, Slice of Life, Romance

*Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake means to “part open those lips.”

I only submit translated scripts. You still have to wait for the scanalation group to step in before the remaining chapters get released. As of now, all nine chapters are translated!

Chapters 6 and 7 feature Kuyou and Itetsuki, two werecats!
They do not exactly shape-shift into cats, but they have cat ears.
Itetsuki is extremely drawn to Kuyou, but the latter rejects him because he prefers the warm touches of a human being. It gets confusing at times because the artist draws the cats in human form, but they are actually just cats in the eyes of a human being – so when I was reading I thought the human sees Kuyou as a guy with kitty ears (and I think that’s really adorable)..

Chapter 8 talks about Asahi and his lover. It’s mostly about the bickerings of the couple…and how they eventually come to terms.

Chapter 9 is about Kaichi (a high-schooler) and his university boyfriend Acchan, who was his private tutor. Kaichi finds out more about his boyfriend from a university schoolmate – who happens to be Acchan’s best friend.

I work with most genres (not only BL *coughs*, albeit the next project is also BL lol…), so you will be seeing more from today! In fact, if you are an avid reader of shoujo, you might have seen some of my translations in the past without knowing – I have a lot of pseudonyms, haha. It’s nice to be back.