The Kokon Teiin

Welcome to the Kokon Teiin.
Please, take a seat.
I am the owner, Saran.

I have been handling Japanese to English; Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional) to English text translation under different pseudonyms since 2011 (on-and-off). I am like a Google Translate nomad.

I will be publishing all my translated works on this site, specifically the more recent projects that I intend to take up. The scripts are in the hands of the scanlation groups – you won’t find them here. I translate during my free time, and I regard it as part of a hobby. I only summarise unlicensed works that have not been taken up by any scanalation groups (at the time of writing that post), solely because… I am a pacifist.

I’ll also leave it to the professionalism and the expertise of these groups and magical staff members to do the technical work that is of translating, editing, cleaning and typesetting. I am a mere emergency part-timer, haha.

At the end of the day, it’s also my wish that you support the original mangaka and that you buy his/her works – because only by doing so, you can tell the publishers that there is a demand, and the mangaka would be able to produce more works for the fans to read.

If you would like me to help out with an emergency translation for your scanlation project, feel free to discuss with me at this email address.

It’s a pleasure to have you to sit by to read what I write, let’s be friends.